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has your team go be crowned nuclear fit league champions 2024?

Calling all Gyms, Sport Centres, Bootcamps, PT's, Online Coaches.  Rally the troops and build your team and enter the Nuclear Fit League.


The overall male & female team win a prize. You will require a minimum of 3 team finishers to qualify for each prize, it does not need to be the same racers at each event, but your team will need to be represented at all 3 events, 12th May, 20th July and 28th September 2024.

The fastest 3 male team and female team racers' times will be combined giving  a  team time which will be shown on the Nuclear Fit Leaderboard.


Here is an example

Female Racer One 1 hour 10 minutes, Female Racer Two 1 hour 12 minutes, Female Racer Three 1 hour 30 minutes = TOTAL TIME 3 hours 55 minutes.

Male Racer One 1 hour 00 minutes, Male Racer Two 1 hour 2 minutes, Male Racer Three 1 hour 35 minutes = TOTAL TIME 3 hours 37 minutes.

The top 3 individual times are  combined to give a team time will be listed fastest team time first on Nuclear Fit Leaderboard.

The team organiser needs to contact Sam at to enter the Nuclear Fit League.

At the end of the season the winning team will be crowned Nuclear Fit League Winners 2024, and will own all bragging rights & the Nuclear Fit Trophy for one year.


  • Nuclear Fit trophy will be awarded to the overall winner of 2024 that can be displayed for one year at your site.  

  • Magnificent Nuclear Fit plaque will be awarded to hang in your centre.

  • £100 prize money for 1st female and 1st male teams.


  • You must be aged 16 + and have a minimum of 3 individual females and/or 3 individual males running the open race.

  • The team must be represented at all 3 events.

  • The 3 fastest times from your team will be submitted after each event.

  • We will combine the fastest 3 times from your  team and enter the time in the league table for male and female.

  • The times will be calculated at the end of each race and the league table will be available on the website.

  • Race Directors' decision on placing is final.

  • No mixed teams.

  • Teams must be set prior to 12th May 2024.  You can not set up your team on the day of the event.

  • The Nuclear League only applied to individual open waves and not doubles or pro wave.


NF League MEN (1).PNG
NF League WOMEN (1).PNG


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