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Nuclear Ultimate Functional Intensity Test.


Nuclear Fit is made up of a 1km trail run alternated with a functional fitness station repeated 6 times.


Next Race: Saturday 20th July 2024.


1km Run​

150m Wheel Tyre Flip.  Height of tyre  women 3ft & men 4ft


1km Run

150m Farmers Urn Hug

Women's weight: 24kg

Men's weight: 30kg

1km Run

250m The Plough Pull

Women's weight: 37kg

Men's weight: 70kg

1km Run

200m Milk Churn Carry

Women's weight: 16kg

Men's weight: 24kg


1km Run

Duck & Throw.  20 throws and 175m run with bag

Women's weight: 24kg

Men's weight: 32kg


1km Run

Squat & Lift.  Women 125 reps & men 150 reps


Everyone who completes the Nuclear Fit race will receive a medal.


The 1st place winners in the male & female  will receive a trophy & MyZone belt.


The 2nd & 3rd place winners in the male & female races will receive a trophy. 


Nuclear Fit is open to everyone and competitors must be aged 16+ years. All spectators are welcome to attend & support, their entry is free.


This is a chipped timed event and the results will be shown from fastest to slowest time and ranked within the age groups. Your chip timing will give you your overall time and the splits by each fitness station and each 1km run. The overall Male & Female winners will receive a prize & every competitor will receive a finishers medal.


Age Category

16-24 years (U24)

25-29 years

30-34 years

35-39 years

40-44 years

45-49 years

50-54 years

55-59 years

60-64 years

65-69 years

70-74 years

75-79 years

80-84 years

85-89 years

The competitor must:


  1. Run in trail trainers for their own safety and that of others.

  2. Be responsible for their own warm up and cool down.

  3. Follow all the rules and regulations.

  4. Complete all workouts, in the correct order. 

  5. Perform each workout as listed in the rules.

  6. Use the correct start and finish lines at the workout stations.

  7. Use the correct weight for their gender & complete the right number of reps.

  8. Complete each 1km trail run including the 2 hurdle obstacles. 

  9. Accept the marshals hold the final say on all judging.

  10. Be responsible for hydrating with the water provided.

  11. Complete the race in 2.5 hours.

  12. Register on the day of the event at registration, where they will be given a chip timing tag that needs to be placed securely on your trainer, as per instructions.

  13. Arrive at the start arch 5 minutes before their start time, if they miss their slot they will be allocated a later time subject to availability.



If a competitor does not finish a fitness station they will have their chip timing tag removed. However, they may continue with the race without a final result time.


The time you cross the finish line will be your final result time.  We will be putting a box on the results page to remind you how the weather was and what the going was like under foot on the day for your future reference and result comparison.



Limited bag drop,  free parking, toilets & medics on site.



Wheel Tyre Flip

Distance : 150m

Height of tyre Women 3ft and Men 4ft

The competitor starts behind the line.  To flip the tyre they need to get into a deep squat, place hands under the tyre, maintain a flat back with their head up and power up through the legs and hips. They can use their knee to assist with the flip.  They can stop to rest. They complete this workout once the competitor and the whole tyre have crossed the line.

Farmers Urn Hug

Distance: 150m

Weight: Women 24kg & Men 30kg

The competitor has to pick the urn up from the station, remembering to keep their core engaged.  The carry begins when they cross the start line.  The urn must be kept close to their chest & they can put it down at any time.  The carry is complete once the competitor & the urn cross the finish line.

The Plough Pull


Weight: Women 37kg & Men 70kg

The competitor places the reins over their shoulders & they must stand behind the line prior to starting. They must remain standing at all times, hands and knees are not allowed to touch the ground.  They move the plough (sled) by pulling & moving forward.  They can stop to rest.  The pull finishes once the competitor & the plough cross the finish line.

Farmers Milk Churn Carry

Distance: 200m

Weight: Women 16kg & Men 24kg

The competitor has to carry one milk churn in each hand with both arms fully extended.  The carry begins when they cross the start line.  They can put the milk churns down to rest.  The carry is complete once the competitor and the milk churns cross the finish line.

Duck & Throw

Distance : 175m

Weight Women 22kg & Men 32kg


The competitor picks up a bag and runs 40m to the functional fitness station.  They will then be required to throw it over the bar without any assistance, they then duck under the bar and pick up the bag & move forward into the next designated lane.  There are 10 throws in total.  They can stop to rest. The competitor picks up their bag to run 40m back towards the finish line. The workout is complete once they cross the finish line.

Squat & Lift 

Reps: Women 125 & Men 150

The competitors start by sitting down on the box provided & picking up the handles. The lift begins when they stand up and raise the rack above their head, locking their arms out, this counts as one rep.  They must then sit back down onto the box. They can rest at any time standing or sitting. Each correctly completed rep will be counted by an adjudicator. The lift finishes when the competitor completes all the reps.

What to wear

Trail shoes are required so that you have good grip, gloves are optional but

need to be kept on the competitor at all times. 

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